Alcan Legends


LGA worked with ALCAN Composites to produce their legendary product line. Their products consist of FomeCor, GatorFoam, Sintra, Dibond and Omni-Flute. If you are in the graphic display business, you’ve heard and used most of these products. We decided to link each product with a different legend depending on their attributes. Also we built Dioramas of each legend out of the product for display in trade shows. Here’s some of the pieces we produced.

The Ads –

Credits: Legends Campaign
Credits: Sullivan & Lane, Those 3 Reps, Michele Gampel and Lisa Harris for wardrobe and costume, and the LGA team of Philip Tate, Emily Woods, Steve Dunkley, Todd Aldridge, Jon Cain and Rob Healy.

FomeCor – Neptune

GatorFoam – Medusa

Ra – Sintra

Dibond – Thor



and Dioramas

Check out Making of

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