ATD-Brand 2013

This is the newest series of ads LGA produced for ATD. The ads use visual metaphors to show speed, selection and special programs for their customers. Erik Almas shot and Hacjob worked on the CGI.


Here are some of the steps in this concept. Usually we start with a lot of thumbs for an idea. Then we narrow down and try to figure out how to approach and how to produce that concept. Below is the initial thumbnail sketch and to the right is a revised illustration that we presented to the client.

This spread speaks to their speed of delivery, usually within a day.

Below is the process for the Warehouse ad. These sketches are also the way we bid out jobs and talk to photographers and retouchers. This one in particular uses CGI mixed with real photography, so we needed to plan out how to pull those parts off efficiently.


This ad focuses on ATD’s selection and proximity to their customers.


And here’s the thumbnail and illustration for the Garage/conference room.

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