ATD Identity

American Tire Distributors decided it was time to renew there logo and identity. They are a long-time client of LGA and I have worked with them for years, so I was excited to get a chance to develop something that was fresh and a bit more modern. We also got a chance to redesign their trucks an integral part of their identity that is probably the most visible. Below is a small piece of the work I designed or art directed.

The New mark.

A few sketches from the process. We played with different emphasis, some focusing on initials, some American played up and some playing up American Tire. Ultimately we liked ATD because of its legibility.

Truck artwork

And a photoshop comp


The most recent Making Tracks.


These are posters we developed last year, updated now with the new mark.

A few examples of co-branded ads and how some of their proprietary brands work with the new mark.



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