Black and White

A collection of work from my college years. All the work here are Silver Gelatin prints.

Figurines | This image was shot for a publication at East Carolina University. A group of us went to Richmond to shoot as much as we could to illustrate short stories that were being published. Figurines was one of my favorites from that series.

The Barn | This image was shot with a medium format (2.25×2.25) film camera. I used a tri-pod and basically left the aperture open and flashed with another 35mm camera in order to get detail. The room was pitch black except for the streaks of light. I had two chances (because I was running out of film). Still one of my favorites.

Magnolia Leaf | This image was produced using a zoneplate camera. It is a hybrid pinhole camera that has small rings that cause light to fluctuate when light enters into the camera. So where light hits objects they begin to glow. Super low-tech but creates a very dreamy effect. You can also see the effect in some of my Alternative Photographs.

The Heavens | This landscape image deals more with the sky. Inspired by Ansel Adams landscapes, I thought it would be interesting to only concentrate on the beauty of the clouds and not the land. If you notice the land has no real distinguishing features and is very simple.


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