Charlotte ADDY Awards

This year LGA was asked to work with AAF Charlotte to help promote the local annual ADDY show. I worked with Margaret Bond and came up with the creative for the show. We also worked with the AAF to determine how and where the show would be. We toured a lot of the venues in Charlotte and found none nicer and more beautiful that the new Mint Museum Uptown. This helped add to our concept. We think that Art Directors and Copywriters have to go through a lot to create great work and that work should be in a museum too.

The event went off without a hitch. See below for a link to the actual ADDY event.

“Imagine what Van Gogh would have cut off if his work had been focus grouped.”

You’ve gone through a lot to create work. It deserves to be in a museum too.

“Imagine the agony Poe could have described if he’d seen his work die by committee.”

“You may still be a tortured artist, but you don’t have to be a recluse.”

“Drink to you work – not because of it,”

This is the invite we sent out to follow up posters and e-blasts.

Van Gogh Poster and invite

And here’s how the ADDY program turned out. It is meant to reference Robert Indiana’s “Love”

sculpture and play up the art tie-in.

The ADDY Program cover

The “Best Of” spread

An example of the Awards spread

I’m also really proud of the awards design and the People’s choice award we created, named the Encore.

addyaward-1200 addyaward-12002



– Check out pics of the event here

Creds: Jon Cain, Art Director/Illustrator; Andrea Dahm, Designer/Typography, Margaret Bond, Copywriter; Steve Dunkley, Exec. Creative Director; Philip Tate/Jane Beasley, Account Executive

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