Firsts that Last – Chris & Andrea

This is a campaign for NC Tourism where we brought traveler’s that had never been to North Carolina and filmed their first experiences here. The campaign is called Firsts That Last. We created three short films, commercials, a website and a print/outdoor campaign centered around this concept.

Andrea and Chris came to North Carolina to see their first waterfall, a feat in and of itself for parents who had never taken a vacation for two. But they didn’t just find a waterfall. They rappelled across, slid down and hiked among hundreds of them, exploring miles of expertly preserved lands that make up North Carolina’s Brevard and Saluda areas.

Here’s their first time watching their film and seeing the rest of the campaign.

The newly redesigned features Firsts That Last prominently and the team built out itineraries focused on the traveler’s trips. Here’s a walk-through showing some of the features.