Freelance reCAPTCHA Photographer

To break into the world of reCAPTCHA photography, I have been brushing up on my photography skills and putting my book together. As you know reCAPTCHA photos are some of the most widely seen in the world. Here are a few of my favorites.

This image really speaks to me and it gets to the very essence of reCAPTCHA – I call it “Where did all the crosswalks go.”

For this image I was allowed to shoot from a hot air balloon, this one was taken somewhere over Idaho.

In this image you have to select all the squares that may contain a government cover-up.

This retired space shuttle now sits lost in an old train yard.

Capturing this family in their natural habitat was such a joy. Their comfort level with me and the camera really comes across.

Another aerial shot from my hot air balloon days, this one was shot somewhere over Kansas.

Such a peaceful scene, this imagery reminds me of what an amazing year 2020 has been thus far.

Only visible from the sky, this farmer produces all his PPT charts in his field.

I just had to stop and photograph this rare location, I was able to pick up a few gold coins and a giant mushroom, what is not to love.

Check out this rare ghost sighting and the ghost hunter tracking them down.