Novant and MJ


Well I have to be honest, it doesn’t get much better than this. LGA developed 2 commercials and a print campaign featuring the greatest basketball player of all time. This is the first spot, once the rest of the work airs, I will post. JJ and I developed these concepts and worked with literally hundreds of people to get this all produced. Hope you like.

This is the most recent commercial featuring Michael Jordan that has been released. Pretty awesome opportunity to get to work with such an icon. Enjoy.

Here is the behind the scenes.



Steve Luquire – Owner/LGA, Steve Dunkley – Executive Creative Director, Jennifer Jones – Group Creative Director/Copywriter, Jon Cain – Senior Art Director, Christine Eubanks – Vice President / Management Supervisor, Emily Woods – Account Executive

Director- Harry Cocciolo and edited my James Duffy at No. 6

Music by Bigfoot and sound by Sonic Union

And of course Sara March Barber produced everything

Here are a couple of posters featuring Michael Jordan to promote Presbyterian Hospital’s handwashing campaign designed at LGA. Notice the Jump man scrubs, those were specially made just for Michael.





This one never ran, but was my favorite line.


An example of one of the Outdoor boards with extensions.


Example of the ads.




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