Quail Hollow Championship 2017

The Quail Hollow logo initially came out of a need for a new mark to replace the Wachovia Championship. Wells Fargo bought Wachovia but wasn’t sure if they wanted to be a title sponsor.
So in the course of 2-3 days, I worked on (at LGA) the new mark that would share the club’s name. It was only used that year, 2009 I think and the club adopted the Q icon afterwards.

Fast forward to 2017, the PGA tour uses the mark (per their standards) when making their championship logo for 2017. So this is a story about a mark that had many lives — and found itself on literally anything you can put a logo on.





Gear in the QHC






On the flag




Hats, hats, hats













I literally photographed none of these images, Copyrights belong to their owners.


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