The Stitched House

The Stitched House is a great new business started by Christy Parbst. She has started to teach young ladies the art of sewing, something that a lot of people have forgotten.

She holds classes for all ages and will do parties and events too. The logo and business cards I helped develop needed to be fun and warm — and resonate well within the space of the sewing world. The mark could be made by hand and uses colors that can be found in felt or different fabrics. The hand drawn type and stitched letters make it friendly and the simple badge shape looks like a home and also a bit like a school house.


The Stitched House - New logo and business cards on blue

The red comes from the color of the “tomato” you would stick pins or needles in.


Business Cards - The Stitched House

Business cards are designed to have many different backs. It’s sewing so the palette is very broad and there’s lots to choose from. We opted to have 8 different backs initially, but they could change at any time.




Business Cards - The Stitched House - multiple backs


The type can be used by itself or with the house badge.



Canvas Bag-1

Canvas Bag 3


Some of the early marks I showed. The house was always there in some form.

Sketch book



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