TireBuyer.com – Outdoor Campaign – Free Shipping

These boards and print were produced at LGA to help TireBuyer.com promote their site. TireBuyer’s Free Shipping is a huge selling point over their competition. When buying online, most sites don’t mention that each tire can cost up to 20 dollars just to ship. So it really can add up.

So we wanted to link Free Shipping with the TireBuyer experience. With just a small extension (spectacular), we transformed a normal highway board into an over-sized mailbox. Think it ends up being a really nice clean idea.

This is the board off of Independence Boulevard.

Gold Addy winner

TireBuyer.com Outdoor - Independence Blvd. Zoom

Same board in context. It rose above everything around it and really stood out amongst the clutter.

TireBuyer.com Outdoor - Independence Blvd. Wide

And this is the print.


Credits: Creative Director: Steve Dunkley, Group Creative Director: Todd Aldridge, Art Director: Jon Cain, Copywriter: Margaret Bond, Account Team: Todd Badgley, Jane Beasley