Tobacco Road Brewing


Tobacco Road Brewing asked me to help them with their new venture that stemmed from Tobacco Road Sports Cafe. They have opened 3 locations and at the third have begun brewing. So the challenge is to build off some of the brand’s equity from the original mark, but update it and allow it to compete with all of the other NC breweries. Above is a proposed mural that builds off the history of “Tobacco Road” even though the brewery has recently opened.


This is the main mark, the diamond shape or badge holds all the elements.


The secondary mark will probably be used just as much and is essentially just the elements aligned to insinuate the diamond shape.


How the secondary mark works on a barrel.






Coasters work well with the diamond. (Or a square turned sideways)


How it could look on uniforms


Beer glass



Bottle tops



Here are some of the marks I initially explored. The bottom right is closest to the original logo. And from there I went further and further away from that design.
we found a good middle ground.





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