ZABS Place

LGA each year does 24 hours of community service for charities around Charlotte. It’s always a lot of great work for a good cause.
This year I worked on ZABS place and we developed videos, brochures and all sorts of collateral to help them out.

One of the pieces I particularly liked was this invite or flyer for their Pajama Walk. Charities generally don’t have large budgets, so we developed something that could be printed with any type of paper or ink. I used their logo and typefaces they had used in year’s past, but the medium is where I played. I developed around 12 patterns and folded each flyer down so it looked like a pajama top. Their pajama walk stands out in the community and thus the flyer should stand out too. These could be hung around the store if people donate, handed out as flyers or as decoration round the walk.

Here’s out the two-sided letter sized sheet folds down into the pajama top.

If you look super close there are small dotted lines that help any of their volunteers follow.







Here’s a low budget video we did for this promotion.



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