Count on Me NC – Identity

To help restaurants open safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, LGA helped the state of North Carolina, in partnerships with NC State and the NC Restaurant Association, develop a program of safety training for restaurants. As I begun to develop the mark, knowing this was to be a pledge for both patrons and owners, I though the idea of a name badge would work well. That drove the overall shape and thoughts of the badge along with the nod to “Now Open” signage that are common in restaurants.

Below is a one-sheeter for some of the logo versions.

Along with the toolkit we provided, we made some very simple name badges that each employee would sign every time they went on duty.

Part of the reopening requirements, Face masks seemed a smart way to get the message out.

The seal of approval could be seen on menus.

We even made a few shirts

Nice metal pins could also be utilized by restaurants,

The most significant piece of this program is definitely the training program, below is an example of the certificate that each participant received, available through

Example of other tchotchkes.