Firsts that Last – Films

There’s something magical about firsts —first impressions, first kisses, first finish lines crossed. The enchantment of experiencing something new never gets old in North Carolina. Feel that emotional connection with yourself when you experience firsts that last.

The commercial above is the kickoff for the campaign for Firsts That Last. It’s a compilation of the short films Visit North Carolina produced featuring travelers that have never been to North Carolina and capturing their first experiences here. Along the way we found out a lot about each of the travelers and found ourselves very invested in their stories.

The integrated campaign features TV (below), 3 short films, Itineraries based on their trips featured on the redesigned, print, digital and social.

This is a short case study that explains the campaign.

Here’s a look behind-the-scenes where you can see just what it takes to pull off this type of work.

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