We’ve all gotten pretty used to video calls as an everyday occurrence. But it’s still really hard presenting to dead silence. What if there were some way to liven up these calls? Well that’s where comes in, it’s the digital version of a laugh track or a studio audience.

My long-time writing partner sparked this idea, And I took it and ran with it, sourcing Royalty-Free audio and using every IOU I could in order to get it produced. Right not it’s in beta and still being finessed, but I’m pretty proud to get this proof of concept out in the world.

But as it stands now, it features 20 much-needed sounds to help spice up your video calls. It’s responsive and works on everything from your phone to desktops.

The “app” still runs from a browser for now, but we are trying to develop as a plugin for Teams or Slack and a way to sort the sounds by intent, from cheers to jeers.

It even works great on mobile, use it as your own soundtrack throughout the day.

We went through quite a few names, but Foleyo rose to the top. It combines the word Foley and Portfolio. The mark also has a hint of a musical note, the large F resembles a treble clef and also resembles the “f hole” of a violin or a cello.