Novant & MJ

Well I have to be honest, it doesn’t get much better than this. LGA developed 2 commercials featuring the greatest basketball player of all time. This first spot shows is enthusiasm of being part of the team.

This second spot speaks to how Novant tailors care to all patients. Such an honor to get to work on this, I grew up playing basketball and MJ was one of my heroes.

Here’s the behind the scenes.

Here’s a few shots on set

This hand washing poster featuring Jordan was apart of the shoot and was used across all of Novant’s hospitals. The scrubs Jordan is wearing are custom made and feature his jump man logo, only two were made and one hangs outside my office at LGA.

Steve Luquire – Owner/LGA, Steve Dunkley – Executive Creative Director, Jennifer Jones – Group Creative Director/Copywriter, Jon Cain – Senior Art Director, Christine Eubanks – Vice President / Management Supervisor, Emily Woods – Account Executive, Producer Sara March Barber

Director- Harry Cocciolo and edited my James Duffy at No. 6

Music by Bigfoot and sound by Sonic Union