Tire Prose

In 2020 April fools’ day was a little different than most. First off, almost the entire world was on lock-down without really an end in sight. So why would anyone want to participate in April Fools’ day?

Well, we convinced Tire Pros that maybe people need a little laugh — especially this year. So playing off their name, we developed Tire Prose, a collection of tire poems – and had a handful of Tire Pros owners read some of their favorites.
But we needed a spokesperson to make it truly seem legitimate. We asked (begged/pleaded) Brian Baumgartner, Kevin from The Office to help sell the joke.

If you clicked through to TireProse.com (a vanity URL) there was an incentive for playing along and a way to share the video.

PR Week picked up the effort, Here’s the full article.

Here’s a couple other comps we looked at for the cover. We went with the above, because the car added a little bit of story telling element and a hint of humanity.