Panthers – Keep Pounding (Films)

This branded content is part of the Keep Pounding series for the 2016 season.

Carolina Panthers Keep Pounding “Big Game” (LGA) :90

Coming off last year’s historic season – Carolina Panthers players, coaches and fans are all ready for the big game.

Carolina Panthers Keep Pounding “Rally” (LGA) :30

This :30 spot rallies fans of the Carolina Panthers together around the battle cry to Keep Pounding.

Carolina Panthers Keep Pounding “One Goal” (LGA) 2:00

Here’s a two-minute short film that reminds Carolina Panthers fans and players that it’s not about resting on past accomplishments – it’s about giving your best a rematch. And – one play to the next, one yard to another – to always Keep Pounding.

These videos were produced at LGA. Margaret Bond and I were the creatives. Chris Waldorf edited and scored. Clark Bierbaum did the color and Mike Lee did the sound.