Panthers – Keep Pounding

LGA was instrumental in seeding the “Keep Pounding” mantra with the Carolina Panthers. From videos, Sam Mills murals to even the rally cry heard in between plays, we were there. Sam Mills coined the phrase, but LGA provided the art to visualize it.

The 2015 season is when Keep Pounding really took hold and what a great season it was. We created brochures, posters and videos to help support the season.

This was also the first year the players were featured without helmets, something that seems small, but it really helped you connect with the players and their journey.

Art went up all around the city on the road to the big game.

The tickets featured the core of the team.

And we got the opportunity to design the post-season.

During playoffs we supplied all of the uptown cranes with “Keep Pounding” banners.